St Michael's Mount, Cornwall

Cornish Lime Company

A grade 1 listed historic restoration

St Michael's Mount is a tidal island 366m (400 yd) off the Mount's Bay coast of Cornwall. It is a civil parish and is joined to the town of Marazion by a man-made causeway of granite setts, these are passable between mid and low tide.

This work required the application of a sheltercoat which was a pre-blended mix of Prompt, fine aggregate and natural earth pigments. This product is a protective layer used to take the brunt of the weathering. For other renovations; Decorative elements which were lost through the extreme weather experienced at the top of the mount were re-cast and fixed back into their original position.
You can see the evolution of this project in the pictures below.

This shows the same arch, here the missing detailings had been cast offsite in a workshop in a prompt casting mix and re-fixed using steel pins and a prompt adhesive mix. The rest of the arch was then checked for soundness, built out and repaired in the sections it was damaged and then unified with a Sheltercoat.

This section above the archway had previously been removed as it was crumbling way and had become a hazard to the public, this image shows it re-instated and repaired whilst retaining all of the fine detailing.

This shows the state of the parapet before the reparations works began.

This parapet section shows the work whilst it was ongoing at St Michaels Mount, here you can see the previous condition of the roman cement detailing. Prompt was used to rebuild the damaged and missing sections and a Sheltercoat was applied over the surface to give a uniform appearance.

Here Jethro Marsh is shown rebuilding a decorative feature.

This shows the completed feature from the previous image