Hadlow Tower, Kent

Paye Stonework

A two-year project to restore the Hadlow Tower in Kent.

Hadlow Tower, known locally as May's Folly, is a Victorian Gothic tower and one of the largest in Britain. The top 40 feet (12 m) is an octagonal ‘lantern’.

The restoration work included reinstating the lantern, restoring the exterior, and installing new staircases and an exhibition space with access to a viewing platform.
Hadlow Tower is brick-built and was finished with a ‘roman cement’ render to give the impression of stone.

This is the image that the works were designed around. You can see the original design of the tower and how much had been lost due to weather and lack of ongoing repairs.

This shows the tower before the work began, there are certain sections with remaining roman cement render still visible.


After image: This shows the replaced details and the extra section of construction at the top of the tower.

Image of the newly constructed section at the top of the tower.

Image of replaced detailings.



An area to the side of the tower which shows the remaining roman cement.

This shows various pigmented prompt blends in order to create a product that suited the task.

Prompt being used for a running mould.