Portreath Harbour, Cornwall


A project to save Portreath from the sea. The sea wall is being restored.

Portreath (Cornish: Porthtreth or Porth Treth) is a civil parish, village and fishing port on the north coast of Cornwall. The village is about three miles northwest of Redruth. The village extends along both sides of a stream valley and is centred around the harbour and beach. West of the harbour entrance and breakwater are two sandy beaches which are popular with holidaymakers and surfers.
Portreath was an industrial village based around the harbour which exported locally mined materials.

The wall was damaged by the storms in 2014 and the repair works were instigated by Cornwall Council. The use of Prompt was the best option for this site. Prompt has an excellent resistance to chemical attack and seawater erosion whilst retaining enough flexibility to accommodate the minor movements of the sea wall.